FIFA’s Ominously Lengthening Shadows

Jul 18

world-cupIt’s finally over. The month long FIFA World Cup is finally over.

Germany has returned home as World Champions for a fourth time, having its first victory in 24 years, to celebrations all over the country bordering on mayhem. Read the rest of this entry »

FIFA’s major contradictions impact global football

Jun 27

world-cupThe first round of the FIFA World Football Cup 2014 is now completed and already some of the usually respected major teams have gone home and justly so. Read the rest of this entry »

The challenges of sport in 2012

Jan 06

The last year was filled with challenges that threatened the future of sport as we had come to know it.

We have had the matter of the problems at the level of international football, the seeming uncontrolled growth in the use of drugs in sport, the rearing of the ugly head of racism in sport and the conflict between the West Indies Cricket Board and several of its players. Read the rest of this entry »

Is FIFA for real?

Oct 21

For the past several months the international sports fraternity has been confronted with a continuous flow of information about the modus operandi of the world governing body for football, FIFA. Charges of corruption have inundated the international media leading to extensive damage to the global image of the sport and its lead organisation.

In this week’s Column we attempt to examine the level of seriousness of FIFA in respect of its claim to clean up its image.

Read the rest of this entry »

More startling revelations rattle international Football

Sep 16

The recent scandal in international football that has led to the ban placed on Qatar’s Bin Hamman and the resignation of Austin ‘Jack’ Warner, has led to some very startling revelations that assures us of the correctness of our stance that international sport has been more vicious than national politics. Read the rest of this entry »

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