Chatoyer International 10K – potential

marathonOn Sunday 22 November 2015 this country will witness the reintroduction of the Chatoyer International Endurance 10K Road Race. The event is billed internationally as the world’s most challenging 10K road race.

Founders and organisers of the race, Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines, is once more seeking to introduce the event as a major sport tourism undertaking, in the hope that local authorities will grasp its significance and lend its full support. Continue reading

Road running in SVG at its best


St Lucia’s Zephrinus Joseph and Victor Ledger worked as a team to lead a showcasing of road running talent in the recently concluded NemWil/National Lotteries Authority OECS Half Marathon here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Road running has always been an important part of the annual calendar of the several governing bodies for athletics in the sub region. However, in recent times there have been significant changes in this regard.  In some instances road running has virtually ceased to exist while in others there is a move to resuscitate the activity.

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