FO Mason’s last game

FO Mason described his encounter with Frank Worrell, one of the famous Three Ws of West Indies Cricket and captain of the West Indies Cricket team, a legend in his own right, thus:

Well this was in about 1947. I remember it was 1947, because I didn’t get picked on the St. Vincent side. They said I was a small boy. ‘School boys couldn’t play with big men’ in 1946… one selector said that you know. He said, ‘School boys, big men, separate them.’ So I said, alright. But in 1947 I was out of school, started to work at the Agricultural Department and they said well we going give him a try against this side from Barbados coming down with Frank Worrell and Frankie Thomas and Brewster and some of the big names in Barbados cricket at the time. Continue reading