Another National Athlete Passes

May 17

Lisa DanielOn Sunday last, 12 May 2013, the athletics fraternity of St Vincent and the Grenadines joined the family of Lisa Daniel in the final rites for a young woman who devoted herself to becoming an athlete of note in this beautiful country of ours.

Yes! Lisa Angela Daniel is dead and buried.

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Steve Victory moves on

Mar 22

Steve Victory is no more with us.

News of the passing of Steve Victory came to the Vincentian community early on Monday last and slammed the sporting community into a sense of loss even as it alerted us to our own mortality.

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The nation loses an icon

Dec 21

“He always had a smile for everyone and every situation.” Read the rest of this entry »

FO Mason’s last game

May 18

FO Mason described his encounter with Frank Worrell, one of the famous Three Ws of West Indies Cricket and captain of the West Indies Cricket team, a legend in his own right, thus:

Well this was in about 1947. I remember it was 1947, because I didn’t get picked on the St. Vincent side. They said I was a small boy. ‘School boys couldn’t play with big men’ in 1946… one selector said that you know. He said, ‘School boys, big men, separate them.’ So I said, alright. But in 1947 I was out of school, started to work at the Agricultural Department and they said well we going give him a try against this side from Barbados coming down with Frank Worrell and Frankie Thomas and Brewster and some of the big names in Barbados cricket at the time. Read the rest of this entry »

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