The media and sport in SVG

Jun 06

ReporterThe official launch of the Caribbean Sports Journalists’ Association (CASJA) in Nassau, Bahamas, on Sunday 25 May 2014 may well be a sign of hope for a new beginning amongst sport journalism in the Caribbean. Read the rest of this entry »

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 and SVG – Sport Tourism?

Dec 06

105362St Vincent and the Grenadines joined the rest of the Caribbean in agreeing the hosting of the International Cricket Council’s Cricket World Cup in 2007 (CWC2007).

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Can we engage in sport tourism?

Nov 29

usain-bolt1A recent commentary by Rohan Thomas raised once more the issue of sport tourism and the possible potential that a thrust in this direction may have for a country like St Vincent and the Grenadines. Read the rest of this entry »

Sport Tourism – Time to get serious

Dec 07

We are into the tourist season again and with the Vincentian economy in trouble it may well be time for us to engage in a re-think of sport tourism as an option to bring additional revenue to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Sport tourism and the future of our country

May 04

This is not the first time that this Column seeks to address the matter of the vast potential that this country has in respect of the sports tourism nor will it be the last.

There has been much talk in this country about a shift in focus from what has been the norm for many years to sports tourism. The fact is that it has remained just that – talk.

For several years we have watched the crowds move around the country during the Easter weekend. On each occasion it seems to rekindle an interest in sports tourism only to wane in the traditional ‘nine days’ marvel of so many other things that attract our attention in this country.

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