Tennis’ many challenges

Mar 11

Recent news reports seem to indicate that the sport of Tennis is now fraught with problems such that no one seems keen on taking on the challenge of leading the organisation.

The news is all the more disturbing if only because not too long ago the Association hosted an annual International tennis Federation (ITF) Junior tournament and once hosted a leg of the renowned Davis Cup. St Vincent and the Grenadines also held the presidency of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Tennis Association.

It is would otherwise seem difficult to understand the current state of the sport at the leadership level. However there is an urgent need to engage in some analysis to glen precisely how the organisation has come to this point.

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Tennis can benefit from NOC boost

Jan 22

DSC02230 International Tennis Federation (ITF) coach, John Goede of Surinam, landed in St Vincent and the Grenadines to commence work on the development of a national sport structure for Tennis. The programme will be conducted over a four-month period though not consecutively.

Coach Goede will return home periodically while the local team assigned to work with him carries on the programme in his absence. This allows the coach to better evaluate the extent to which local ownership of the programme takes place and proves affective. Read the rest of this entry »

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