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Lesson from the Jamaican season

February 13th, 2013

As I attended the Extraordinary Pan American Sport Organisation (PASO) General Assembly in Kingston, Jamaica, last week, the thought struck me that the one reason Jamaica does so well in a number of areas including music and sports is down to their sheer unadulterated patriotism, passion and self belief.

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Sport leaders take the straight path

November 20th, 2012

National sport organisations (NSOs) are more often than not in the public spotlight. In the modern era of social media with its immediacy and interaction, the harsh reality is that sport leaders have little or almost no margin for error.

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Sport still undervalued

May 21st, 2012

In Capitalism in Crisis, published in the year 2000, Fidel Castro argued that those countries that were colonies yesterday and are still today enduring the backwardness of poverty and underdevelopment, have only one asset that can guarantee the defence of legitimate aspirations and that is unity.

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Government — an easy target

August 9th, 2011

National Sport Organisations (NSOs) are deeply unsettled about the present and concerned about the future many of them are uncertain about Government’s policy about sport. There are renewed calls for the government to make crystal clear what is its sport policy for the next five years. There are some who don’t want to acknowledge the real reasons for the perceived funding crisis in local sport because that will make them responsible for solutions so the cause of it all is bad policy emanating from Abercromby Street. It is always someone else’s fault, and government makes an easy target.

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Funding — not a God given right

August 2nd, 2011

Money worries! No Money! These days the Ministry of Sport and the Sport Company (SportTT) are coming in for adverse comment and criticism either openly or by innuendo. Sports administrators are publicly pointing to the Ministry and or SportTT. The blame for every disappointment is dumped squarely in the lap of the honchos at Abercromby Street and Henry Street.

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Administration not a popularity contest

May 24th, 2011

On a daily basis  things happen that make little or no sense . It is hard very hard at times not to question the reasoning, motives and objectives behind  some of the decisions . What is behind it all? what is the motivation?

Is  power, control and money behind it all? Those who crave all or either of the three do so in the belief   that the barometer for success is in having and  controlling the money, power or authority.

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Taking sport out of dark ages

January 25th, 2011


In some vital aspects, sport in T&T remains very much in the dark ages, in particular, in respect to concepts such as long-term athlete development (LTAD), sport science, good governance, sports law, sports marketing and sport management. The Ministry of Sport is doing its part.

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