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Rugby President to Retire

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GC2018 athletes, coaches and officials oath representatives announced for Opening Ceremony

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“Rugby AGM Results”

Rugby President to Retire

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SVG Rugby Press Release

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Ulanda Lewis leads record-breaking Schools’ Championships 2018

Two years ago Santa Cruickshank, a teacher of the Buccament Government School who has been an indefatigable worker in the field of sport and physical activity, brought to the annual Inter Primary Schools’ Athletics Championships (IPSAC) a little girl by the name of Ulanda Lewis. Unknown until then, Ulanda emerged

What is government’s policy on sport?

There remains much consternation as to whether the current government in St Vincent and the Grenadines has a clear policy on sport. While there exists a national sport policy in the country, endorsed by the government, there is no real evidence that beyond the waiver of duty on sporting equipment,

IPSAC AND ISSAC 2018 – Excitement Galore

On Wednesday of this week St Vincent and the Grenadines observed National Heroes Day. Whilst we continue to engage in discussions about who should join Paramount Chief, Joseph Chatoyer, as a national hero, our young people at schools across the nation are in high spirits, attempting to become heroes in

Athletes: their care and careers

Many individuals give themselves over to a life in sport. From very early, they are involved in training with a view to learning the requisite skills, train consistently and compete in local, regional and international competitions, representing their respective countries. Often, athletes make a career out of their involvement in

Evening Athletics and the challenge of change

Three years ago the physical education teacher at the Bethel High School, Theon Gordon, convinced the principal and staff at the institution that they should be innovative relative to the hosting of the school’s annual athletics championships. The decision was to host the annual event during the hours of 2:00

Significant changes in Throws’ in IPSAC and ISSAC 2018

Vincentians can expect that the performances of students at the secondary school level would display significantly improved performances in the throwing events – Shot and Discus – during this year’s Inter Secondary Schools Athletics Championships (ISSAC). Indeed, the country is already witnessing improvements in these events at the annual sports

Commonwealth Games 2018

The extremely scenic Gold Coast, Australia, would in a few weeks play host to the 21st Commonwealth Games, 4 – 15 April. Following on the heels of Glasgow, Scotland, four years ago, Gold Coast would be seeking to rise to the occasion and even exceed the tremendous achievements of the

Global Olympic challenges

The stage is set for the official opening of the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. But this year, the stage is not at all a very settled one. There are all sorts of issues impacting the world of sport with particular focus on the Olympic Games. The development of

Getting more out of sport

For the past several years we have advocated that St Vincent and the Grenadines is not yet ready to grasp the immense benefits that can be derived from sport. We are missing out on what is on offer and by the time we catch ourselves we would end up at

WI U-19 Cricketers – proof of the pudding

The West Indies Under 19 cricketers have just proven the regional critics of the game correct in their ongoing assessment of developments taking place in the region under the leadership of Cricket West Indies. It has often been said that ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. The

What will the Schools Athletics 2018 bring to the fore?

We are into the second term of the academic year, 2017/8. This is the term in which schools focus more on their athletics competitions than any other sport, if only because it generates the greatest amount of interest and excitement in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Each year we expect

Getting our athletes to understand sport

For many years we have been developing athlete sin St Vincent and the Grenadines, however we have unfortunately not paid enough attention to getting our athletes adequately prepared, regardless of the sport in which we have sought to engage them. There is a fallacy amongst large segments of Vincentians that