2008 – Make or break year for Vincentian sports

The staff of the NSC must be all professionals and the Board of Directors must be based on their expertise in the sport management process and not be the outcome of political patronage.

There must be a CEO with appropriate qualifications, training and experience. A Financial Comptroller, a Manager of Sports, a Manager of Facilities and a Marketing Manager, each with appropriate subsidiary staffing enough to facilitate the work of the organisation, must be available to support the CEO

The NSC must have a mandate to facilitate the genuine development of sport in the state and that must be inclusive of ensuring that the facilities are not only of an ever-improving standard all across the nation but also that they are able to attract activities of a nature that will increasingly allow them to contribute to their maintenance.

In 2008 the reconstructed NSC must ensure that communities are duly empowered to participate fully in the process of change ,such that they are made stakeholders in the overall development programme of the organisation.