2008 – The year of the Olympics

The popularity of Cycling is evidenced by the tremendous show of support provided for the recently held Caribbean Cycling Championships in October. Significantly however, the event was held on the rural Eastern side of the country where tradition still impacts the people who love genuine sport.
Despite participating in several events the local cyclists seem to have a long way to go to make it to the Olympics. There are several youths in training and one hopes that they may remain committed to the sport and be imbued with enough ambition to strive after making it to the Games one day.

Taekwondo also had an opportunity to participate in an Olympic qualifier for the Beijing Olympics. Unfortunately, the athlete did not make it through to the actual Games having faltered at the qualifier.
Taekwondo remains a relatively new sport despite the fact that many may recall the days when Jim Maloney and Mike Browne were involved in it several years ago.
In the recent past the organisation has involved itself in the NOC’s Grassroots Talent Identification Programme (GTIP) and has been bringing the sport to communities across the nation. The expectation is that some youths may take keen interest enough to excel and one day make it to the Olympics.

Volleyball has had its ups and downs in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Unfortunately the sport is still young in the nation with plenty of room for expansion. There has never been participation in an Olympic qualifier.
The Indoor variety of the game is extremely challenging and there is little likelihood in the near future of a Vincentian team heading to the Olympics
In the recent past the Volleyball Federation has been working on the introduction of Beach Volleyball, which involves only two players on a team. While there is no doubt that this version of the game requires much skill it still leaves greater opportunities for Vincentians to move up the rankings to the point where qualifying for the Olympic Games may be possible.