20/20 Cricket and the future of the game

It is a matter of economics and the cricket authorities in the different countries playing the game are at the stage where the sport is a major business operation. To fail to ensure that the business survives in a highly competitive world of sport the authorities everywhere have taken stock and are keen on changing the sport to meet what they perceive to be the requirements of the times.

Entertainment galore
In 20/20 cricket there is much that is happening all around and a cursory analysis will reveal that its primary objective is entertainment.
Spectators are assured that there is always something happening on the field.
They are at a sporting event that guarantees exciting action from the very first ball.
Organisers of 20/20 cricket create an atmosphere at the arena akin to a grand show. While there is a show on the field there are enough activities around the arena to ensure that several shows are simultaneously taking place as well. This guarantees great spectator interest.
Many are not necessarily coming to the arena for the game of cricket but for the entertainment that is everywhere else available.
In all instances there is an abundance of music that is aimed at the young people who have not been always interested in attending cricket matches in the recent past. The music is however well woven into the mix of excitement that is taking place on the field of play
In South Africa, for example, it is common to find that there are Jacuzzi Bars at the playing field that conduct a thriving business while the game is being played.
Children who come to the game with their parents are never short of exciting games all around the arena to grab their attention in the event that they have little interest in what is happening in the middle.
Are content with knowing that the patrons are thoroughly satisfied with what they have been party to in the form of the total entertainment provided.
The game lasts about four hours and can begin at 6.00 pm on any given day. This allows people to go home following a hard day`s work, bathe, change and take the family out to the cricket game.