20/20 Cricket and the future of the game

Historians of the game in the region boast of just how much cricket is integral to the West Indian aspirations. They do not seem to spend enough time reflecting on how much it is a reflection of the psychological damage that the colonial experience has imposed upon us.
In cricket we epitomise the worst aspects of the colonial experience.
We fail to be innovative because we have been made to believe that we cannot.
We fail to impact the international developments in the game if only because we do not have the independence and character to do so. Instead even when we headed the International Cricket Council, we witness the introduction of rules that were clearly inimical to the best interests we had in the game at the time, so weakened we have been left by the colonial experience.
Indeed it is in the sport of cricket more than anywhere else we are mere followers, mimic men, rather than free, independent people.
In cricket more than anywhere else we may well still be an enslaved people.