A football World Cup of mixed emotions

Tunisia flattered to deceive but nonetheless left one with the impression that there is talent available and better will come.
Of course Australia can count themselves unlucky. They suffered much from the refereeing and should have gone farther in the competition.

The Italians Won But Lost
All of Italy celebrated the victory of the Italian team at the latest edition of the World Cup. The entire country needed to be involved in this display of emotion at winning the world’s most prestigious sports trophy if only because few across the world had given the Italian team much of a chance of victory and also because Italian football has been under a microscope due to a major scandal that eventually saw the suspension of a number of clubs and officials of the game.
The Italians played the final with great gusto, defeating an older French team that had come through some relatively rough games earlier and which had summoned every ounce of courage, skill and determination to marshal themselves for the final encounter.
The final was a good encounter although it certainly lacked the excitement of previous World Cup Finals. Perhaps it was a reflection of the weakness of the Cup, generally, that the game ended after extra time with the teams level at 1–1.
That a World Cup Final had to be decided on penalty kicks must go down as one of the poor feats of this particular edition of the event.
Despite the glory of winning on the field of play, the custodians of Italian football are looking down the barrel of a gun. Some of the nation’s top teams have been heavily penalised for their involvement in match-fixing and that has tremendous implications for the game in the football-mad nation.
In this sense, therefore, the country won yet lost.