A football World Cup of mixed emotions

Commentators grew tired of blaming the referees and soon enough pointed accusing fingers to the players who adorned the world’s greatest and most attractive sporting stage.
Suddenly, everyone looking on, whether in the stands or from the comfort of their homes, came to the realisation that in football, it was a matter of winning at all cost.
The players had seemingly lost their sense of sportsmanship and the display of the FIFA Fair Play flag at matches became more a symbol of growing cynicism and sycophancy than of lofty ideals to which the young should aspire.

Zidane’s Unfortunate Departure
On Sunday, 9 July, playing in the final of the World Cup, the legendary Zenadine Zidane of France was already declared the most outstanding player of the tournament.
Zidane has been an outstanding player since he adorned the national colours for his country and was the most instrumental player in the country’s historic victory playing at home in 1998, when they defeated Brazil in the final game.
Zidane was also recognised as the central figure in France’s elimination of Brazil in the quarter finals of the 2006 World Cup, handing the latter a 1–0 defeat.
Throughout the games played by France, everyone was impressed with Zidane’s seeming defiance of his age and his inspiration of the French team that was constantly referred to as the oldest in the 2006 tournament.
It came as an unfortunate surprise to all football enthusiasts around the world when the French player suddenly turned on his opponent and delivered a stunning head-butt that immediately drew a red card from the referee.
Zidane, playing in his final World Cup match, a final at that, and playing in what was supposedly his final appearance for France and in football generally, was immediately thrown off the field by the referee for a flagrant foul.
Not surprisingly Zidane’s importance left him announcing that he would speak on the matter later in the week.
On Wednesday 12 July, Zidane spoke.
He told the world that the Italian player addressed him about his mother and his sister.
Of course, the Italian player denied ever having done so.