A football World Cup of mixed emotions

For his part, Zidane has apologised for the fact that his conduct was observed by people across the world, especially children. He did not seem to have had any remorse for his actions per se. In other words, Zidane seems not to have had any respect for the Fair Play that FIFA so readily and consistently extols as integral to the sport.
Where has this left us?
The truth is that Zidane’s conduct was and remains unforgivable.
It does not matter how great a player he is or was, nothing should have allowed Zidane to take matters into his own hands in the middle of a game, especially a World Cup Final being watched by billions across the globe.
His wanton display of unsportsmanlike conduct deserves the harshest criticism and penalty.
It is unfortunate but such conduct should have been enough to cause FIFA to withdraw its award for his display of skill and grit prior to the final encounter.
Zidane’s action can be considered the icing on the cake of a World Cup that was essentially marred by bad play.
It was the final straw in a series of decidedly poor gamesmanship by the many players who were brought before the world as the very besting the game.

The Future
FIFA may do well to return to the drawing board.
The European tournament ended much too close to the prestigious World Cup.
The officials simply lost control of too many games.
The FIFA Fair Play was turned on its head during the World Cup and now stands as a mere sham unless the matter of discipline is readily addressed.
The scandals that have recently emerged in Italy may well be the one that got away enough for the FIFA to take notice. There may well be several other issues of even greater concern to the well being of football and FIFA itself that need attention and urgently so.
While the FIFA may continue to gloat over its increased viewership and the immense revenues accruing from television rights and sponsorship, the future of the game may well be under threat.
The future may well see some significant changes in the way the game is managed at the level of FIFA or else we may well see a decline in its overall appeal and the support it receives.