A nation united in sport

The quality of the training of the volunteers cannot be topped. The courtesy and the eagerness to be of service without reservation was easily one of the most remarkable features of the Games.
Transportation was in abundance with cars, vans, buses, pick-ups and trucks ready and waiting to be committed to the service of the event.
At every venue there were people waiting eagerly to be of assistance to the visiting teams and to all patrons and this at all times.
The volunteers were on the road from the early morning hours to the very end of each day of competition, working the appropriate shifts determined by the Organising Committee.
Everywhere there was a sense of commitment to excellence.
One always got the impression that consistent with proper management each day’s activities and the performance of all involved were being monitored, evaluated and the necessary changes made.
There was an overall sense of a city wanting at all times to be certain that it was delivering on its promises.

Full support
The people of the city of Melbourne have long since been involved in a sort of competition with Sydney.
The hosting of the Commonwealth Games gave Melbourne the opportunity to showcase itself to the world, leaving the decision on who did it best to the viewers around the world and the many visitors.
Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, Patron of the Commonwealth Games, came to the Games and with her, the Vice Patron of the Games, Prince Edward. They basked in the glory of a Commonwealth Games like none they had ever witnessed.
The US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice and Britain’s Tony Blair, joined Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, at different times as spectators at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. They expressed their own delight at the remarkable event, a toast to the city of Melbourne.
Viv Richards and Desmond Haynes were also in attendance and expressed utter satisfaction at the level of excellence in every aspect of the planning process and especially at the support provided to all participants.