A nation united in sport

In excess of 80,000 people were in the historic Melbourne Cricket Ground for the Opening Ceremony and hundreds of thousands were located at different parts of the city of Melbourne to be a part of the grand occasion.
The landmark achievement by Games organisers to attract global television coverage meant that for the very first time the Commonwealth Games had attained truly international status.
The people of Melbourne came out daily to every event in their numbers and gave outstanding support to the winners and the losers, if there were any.
Perhaps it is true to say that it is genuinely Australian to support any competitor in any event.
Theirs is a commitment to recognising the effort necessary to engage in competition and reward the efforts of every participant as though he/she had won the event.
The culture of sport so dominates the city of Melbourne and all of Australia that it is almost infectious.
In St Vincent and the Grenadines our journalists in the various forms of the media are prone to declaring that sport must constitute a different segment of the news package. Indeed they claim that sport is not really news.
Melbourne differs and with good reason.
The Commonwealth Games featured on the front pages and in the top of the news packages across Melbourne for almost 14 days. The Games constituted the hottest news for the entire period.
The presence of the aforementioned high-powered personalities from around the Commonwealth meant little ot
her than they were able to share the glory as the Games took center-stage.
The achievements of athletes from the Commonwealth dominated the news every day in Melbourne, and this whether it was a gold, silver or no medal at all that was won.
Perhaps our journalists can learn from this but I doubt it.
Melbourne delivered to the utmost and the media keep up the pace.

The theme of these Games is, ‘United by the Moment’.
The essence of the extent to which this has been achieved was highlighted by Gloria Ballantyne in her address at the Flag Raising Ceremony for St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Her words reverberated across the Games for the full 11 days as the spirit of unity through sports permeated every aspect of this attractive and historic event in Melbourne.
The commendations came from everywhere and appropriately so.
Of course there were areas of weakness since perfection is always elusive, but the efforts in pursuit of excellence were ever present.
At the conclusion of the Games there was no one present who could not genuinely admit that for 11 days, the members of the Commonwealth Games Federation, representing 71 nations, were not fully ‘United by the Moment’.
There is no one who would not climb to the highest mountain top and proclaim that indeed, these were truly, ‘The Friendly Games’.
Indeed, Melbourne won gold.