Are we being sufficiently realistic?

One wonders whether the authorities have been blinded by its own colonial historical perspective.
The national stadium is far more in demand than the proposed investment in Arnos Vale.
The fact is that a local football national club final would generate more income than any regional cricket match. The number of football games that could be held at a regional and international level on an annual basis once there is a national stadium would generate income well in excess of anything that cricket can do for the country, being ever mindful that the gates for the One Day Internationals do not belong to the local authorities.
The hosting of a Carifta Games or a CAC Championships in athletics would bring in more people as visitors and generate more funds on an ongoing basis than is the case with cricket.
The authorities here, like those throughout the Caribbean appear overawed by the possibility of being in the international limelight for a few weeks during 2007.
Lest we get confused, the reality is that cricket remains a game that is played at the international level by fewer than 20 nations. On the other hand, athletics is contested in over 200 nations and football near 200 or so.
The coverage of the cricket is not likely to exceed 50 nations, if that many.
In the world of sport it can safely be said that if Brian Lara or Viv Richards or even Gary Sobers were to travel the globe alongside Michael Johnson, Maria Mutola or Alberto Juantorena, they first grouping is less likely to be recognized by the ordinary people in the vast majority of nations of the world. To the world, the latter grouping would be far more familiar.
Nuff said!