Art for Sport Workshop

TEACHER Workshop detail:

My workshops will be 2 days

  • AUGUST 20 & 21 –  5 hours a day, (not including lunch break) each day up to 3 pm.   
  • TEACHERS/interested persons.  

In the workshop I will show participants how to develop a concept of showing  motion and giving a more dimensional look and feel to their work, with  mediums such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, pen and ink,  crayons, oil sticks, etc.  

Also, using a plein’ air technique (painting on location) exploring the  possibilities of showing movement within their environment such as the ocean, trees, animals, etc.  

During the workshop participants will be taught that nothing needs to look  like a photograph and by using their own technique and not to be afraid to  paint ‘outside of the lines’.  

Basic drawing techniques will be taught to show how to draw in perspective.
Classes will flow with the experience of the participants. 
Each day will end with a question and answer period.  

The participant should bring samples of their work to see what level they are at and to be critiqued if they wish.  


Children will have a separate workshop.
A 4 days mini-camp, 3 hours each day not including a break. 

  • DAY ONE  :  AUGUST  6 & 7    Children  ages 8  – 12 ( 2days)
  • DAY TWO:    AUGUST  13 & 14  Children  ages 13 – 16 ( 2days)

Children ages 8 thru 16.  
Children are taught very differently due to their attention span.  

The younger students will be taught basic drawing, the use of color, and
teens more advanced techniques such as how to mix colors, etc.  

I also let them go with their own style, not change it but to make it their