Beijing prepares for Olympics 2008

Television stations eagerly carry advertisements about the Olympic Games, highlighting the number of days left before the official opening ceremony two-years from now.
On some television stations there are at least one or two advertisements within any given hour of operation.
There are few Chinese who have not been exposed to one form of advertisement or another highlighting the nation’s hosting of the most prestigious event in the world of sport.
At the Beijing International Airport, visitors are greeted at the Immigration desks with large overhead screens displaying advertisements in the latest digital technology announcing the coming Beijing Olympics.
The media are ever involved as they monitor the construction of new facilities and the refurbishing of older ones in preparation for the Games.
There is no reason for anyone in China not to be aware of the Summer Olympic Games of 2008.
Indeed all of the advertisements are so steeped in the culture of Chinese society that the world will undoubtedly be treated to not just Beijing but an ever modernising China.

Infrastructure Development – A Rapid Pace
When Beijing won the bid to host the Summer Olympics of 2008 eight years in advance of the event taking place, the Organising Committee had the full support of the Government of China.
The significance of hosting this important global event has not been lost on the Government of the country in any way and perhaps more than ever before there is a commitment to do well.
The Government had been so very fast off the blocks that it released funds for the projects to be constructed at a very rapid pace.
Construction began so very quickly that the President of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, called upon the Organising Committee to slow down its pace.
One is not quite sure why the IOC President thought such an intervention pertinent to his own portfolio.
The reality in China however was that the organisers seemed anxious to ensure that the facilities were ready well in advance of the Games thereby showing the world the tremendous capabilities now evident everywhere in every aspect of Chinese society.