Beijing prepares for Olympics 2008

China has no shortage of people and it has ensured that it weighs in heavily on the international studies department of the universities. The idea is to ensure that the volunteers are capable of communicating effectively with participants from every country with relative ease, without language problems.
There is no shortage of people, especially young university students, willing to offer themselves as volunteers. If anything one can hazard a guess that there will be an oversupply of volunteers.
Already at the IAAF’s World Junior Championships, there are volunteers in abundance with each delegation being appropriately fitted with persons capable of speaking the respective languages.

Flowers and All
Over the past few years the Chinese in Beijing have engaged in a scientific project aimed at ensuring that the city is well endowed with brightly coloured flowers for the duration of the Games adding to its overall ambience for athletes and spectators from around the world.
The Chinese have this year realised the experimental production of many flowers several months earlier than normal.
The Chinese know that under normal weather conditions the time of the Olympics in Beijing would normally be too dry to sustain the presence of flowers, an important part of the beautification of
the city. The project has been to intervene in the growth process such that the flowers will blossom two months earlier than normal.
In 2006 the experiment showed good results and already the Organising Committee for the 2008 Olympic Games is licking its lips that the city would not be drab, at least not where lowers are concerned.
There will be flowers aplenty, millions of them.

Team Preparation
China is the world’s most populous nation by a long way. It has immense resources and people on which to draw if it is to give good account of itself in the sporting arena during the Summer Olympics of 2008.
Already in the field of track and field athletics the country boasts the world record holder in the 110m Hurdles.