Beijing prepares for Olympics 2008

Even after the horrific slaying of dissidents in Tiananmen Square some years ago the USA left China with its Most Favoured Nation status, ensuring that it was no really blacklisted.
Once opportunities for investment were opened to the west the USA swooped down in droves with an array of investors in every sphere of activities not the least of these being KFC.
The desire to benefit from the vast economic potential of China allowed the entire western world to lay in waiting for just the opportunities that the hosting of the Summer Olympics of 2008 will afford them.
It is clear that China remains caught up in the throes of change.
The legacy of Chairman Mao remains very strong and yet the capitalistic tendencies are everywhere evident. The once-thought unholy alliance between these two tendencies has earned Beijing the right to host the world’s most profitable sporting event, a gateway to even further international recognition.
For the summer of 2008 China, and not just Beijing, will be the focus of the entire international community. China will play host to representatives of over 200 nations through their respective National Olympic Committees, forging friendships that will last a lifetime and hurdling old, weakened barriers that once kept them in isolation.
China beckons the world today, two years before the official opening of the Olympic Games, more prepared at this stage than many of its predecessors and holding greater promise and interest than ever before in the history of the International Olympic Movement.