Insularity blinds the very best of us

Insularity blinds the very best of us

The government of Trinidad and Tobago has finally completed the Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba, south Trinidad.

The facility is in fact much more than a traditional stadium. It is really a sports academy and more particularly, a cricket academy.

The facility has already been the subject of a massive inquiry given the problems associated with the selection of the site, excessive wastage in the early construction phase, accusations of extensive corruption and lengthy delays.

LTAD frameworks for SVG

LTAD frameworks for SVG

On Tuesday 16 May 2017 this country entered a new chapter in sport. Several coaches involved in a 18-month programme graduated. They now have a strong foundation in physical literacy and Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).

The programme involved five working visits from experts from the Canadian organisation, Sport for Life (S4L) as well as a range of webinars. 

Developing young athletes in SVG

“Physical activity, and sports in particular, can positively affect aspects of personal development among young people, such as self-esteem, goal-setting, and leadership. However, evidence indicates that the quality of coaching is a key factor in maximizing positive effects (GAO, 2012).

Time for us to play catch-up

Time for us to play catch-up

Today we live in a country and region where talk is cheap, especially from our political leaders. The latter have grown extremely proficient at ‘playing to the gallery’. They say what they believe the people want to hear from them, knowing that very few would ever take the time to engage in serious research on any of the topics being addressed enough to challenge them.

Dismantling the myths of sport

Dismantling the myths of sport

There are times when we almost inevitably have little choice but to expose the myths of anything in which we are involved. This occurs when it becomes more than a little overbearing and threatens the very fabric of our respective societies.

We have all been encouraged to participate in sport because of its immense physical, psychological and social benefits. However, today, we choose to debunk some aspects of sport, focusing particularly on what we choose to refer to as myths because they are so rarely seen in the practice of sport.

Team selection – a bothersome matter?

National sports associations are the recipients of intense criticisms every time it comes around to the selection of athletes to national representative teams.

Regardless of what system is put in place, the final decision is never satisfactory to all involved in the particular sport. Perhaps the most aggrieved in individual sport is the coach. In respect of team sports, it is often the athlete who feels cheated.

The aforementioned issue is a plague all around the world.

Crass insensitivity continues unabated

The government of St Vincent and the Grenadines has been almost singularly focused on the construction of an international airport at Argyle for the past several years. Many may have actually forgotten how long ago the project started and as we are now seeing, even as the opening has been announced, the authorities have found identified weak areas and engaged in repair work on the runway.

One of the important features of the years that the international airport has been under construction has been the tremendous difficulty in obtaining truth.

Excellence in sport – a Vincentian imperative

Vincentians are thoroughly enthused about sport. They flock to sporting activities that bring to the fore the passion that imbues us all.
We do not however like to lose. When this happens we get depressed, frustrated and are only too anxious to point accusing fingers, rightly or wrongly (since it does not matter to us at the time) at those we deem responsible for the failure on the field of play.
The niceties of the origins of the athletes’ involvement in physical activity and sport is never given due consideration, nor is attention paid to the years of involvement in sport at critical stages in the child’s development.

2017 can be a bumper year for Vincentian sport

Welcome 2017, and already most national sports associations here in St Vincent and the Grenadines have completed and circulated their respective calendars.

2017 promises to be a very challenging year as several international sports federations (IF) have major championships scheduled and Vincentians are keen to participate.