Schools’ athletics in full swing

Inter-Sec Heats AVSC Mar 18 2010 431The athletics season has started and the several schools around the country are busy organising and administering their respective annual track and field championships. Everywhere we can see athletes in preparation for their respective competitions.

Teachers are anxious to the athletes belonging to the houses they are responsible for would give of their best and so attain bragging rights for the remainder of the academic year.

Understanding the power of physical literacy

newspaperFor several years we have articulated in this Column the power of sport as an important pillar of national development. For one reason or another it seems a very difficult pill to swallow but we keep at it if only because successive generations of Vincentians can benefit if we begin to take the business of sport seriously.

Wiping the slate clean????

Wiping the slate clean????

slate-cleanIn the recent past the idea has been mooted that given the most recent scandals regarding doping in the sport of track and field athletics it is perhaps advisable that the sport’s governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), should consider cancelling all existing world records and start afresh.

Down football memory lane

soccer1Much is being made of the fact that on yet another occasion Vincy Heat, the senior national men’s football team, has made it through to the second round of the preliminaries of the FIFA Football World Cup. We achieved this feat the very first time we contested the World Cup preliminaries for the mega event that was at the time scheduled for the USA in the summer of 1994.

Upgrading our facilities

arnos-valeWe are not sure how many of our sportspeople have been following developments in St Vincent and the Grenadines regarding the upgrading of our sports facilities.In a democratic society we expect that when things are being done that people who are directly involve din the area being explored would be facilitated with an opportunity to contribute to whatever developments are necessary.

Is this the case here in respect of sporting developments or are we witnessing a continuation of same old, same old?

Our sports score card 2001 – 2015 – Part II

arnos-valeArnos Vale Sports Complex

The amazing procurement of $50m plus, to refurbish the Arnos Vale playing fields #1 and #2, as well as those at Sion Hill and Stubbs for the hosting of what we refer to as the goat cook matches used as warm up for the Cricket World Cup in 2007 remains an amazing embarrassment to this country’s sports fraternity.

Our sports score card 2001 – 2015

262882National elections are upon us and the contesting political parties are seeking the vote of every adult Vincentian. Sport is an integral part of the national development process, not a mere adjunct to it.

Vincentian sportspeople must therefore take the time to ensure that they have a say in what happens with sport in this country.

Independence and sport – unconnected

Independence and sport – unconnected

imagesOn Tuesday 27 October 2015 this country will observe the 36th anniversary of Independence from the British. To many we have merely had a change of flag, anthem and a few other things, largely cosmetic, instead of the more fundamental changes that ought to have taken place.