WI U-19 Cricketers – proof of the pudding

WI U-19 Cricketers – proof of the pudding

The West Indies Under 19 cricketers have just proven the regional critics of the game correct in their ongoing assessment of developments taking place in the region under the leadership of Cricket West Indies.
It has often been said that ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. The fact is that what we saw in the first-round exit

WI begins 2018 the way it ended 2017

WI begins 2018 the way it ended 2017

The leadership of Cricket West Indies must be living somewhere else in the galaxy than on what we have come to know as planet earth.

While the West Indies team strive ever so diligently to establish itself as one of the most debilitating teams in international cricket today, the leadership of the regional game appears only too eager to focus

Interest in cricket waning badly

Interest in cricket waning badly

The West Indies cricket team is in New Zealand and very much under the hammer. This is not in any way surprising as over the past several years we have grown accustomed to the regional side’s inconsistency in the sport we once dominated for just over a decade.

Gone are the days when we used our four-pronged pace attack to

Oh what an awful lot we are – WI Cricket team

The entire Caribbean is still trying to recover from the devastating defeat of the West Indies team in the first test against Edgbaston, England. It is not an easy thing for Caribbean people to accept the kind of humiliation visited upon the regional team by the cricketing representatives of the former colonialists in the recent past.

England handed West Indies a defeat by an innings and 209 runs, achieved in only three days. This has left many pondering whether it is in any way worth the while to engage the West Indies team in a test series in the future since the performance of the players continues to drop and does not prove attractive to cricketing enthusiasts in test-playing nations.

West Indies Cricket at very low ebb

When the International Cricket Council (ICC) opted to introduce the ranking system some time ago many sports enthusiasts feared the worst for the status of the West Indies Cricket team. The current situation of the game in the region and the fact that our regional team failed to make it to the ICC Cricket World Cup must be sending a very strong signal that their worst fears have become reality.

Insularity blinds the very best of us

Insularity blinds the very best of us

The government of Trinidad and Tobago has finally completed the Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba, south Trinidad.

The facility is in fact much more than a traditional stadium. It is really a sports academy and more particularly, a cricket academy.

The facility has already been the subject of a massive inquiry given the problems associated with the selection of the site, excessive wastage in the early construction phase, accusations of extensive corruption and lengthy delays.

The fight for control of West Indies Cricket

Antiquated! Obsolete! Anachronistic!

The foregoing terms are used in the official report submitted by the group that has been labelled, the CARICOM cricket review panel.

Led by Professor Emeritus, Professor Eudine Barriteau and including Sir Dennis Byron, Dwain Gill, Deryck Murray and Warren Smith, the CARICOM cricket review panel was mandated to evaluate the current state of the game in the region amidst the declining fortunes of the West Indies cricket team in the international arena.

WI Cricket Fiasco continues unabated

105362It should not be long before we see individual cricket associations in the Caribbean seek to get the International Cricket Council (ICC) to recognise them as bona fide members in their own right.
Yes, we can expect that soon, very soon, Cricket associations in the Caribbean may try to exit the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and apply for individual membership of the ICC.

The conundrum of West Indies Cricket

WICB-02Caribbean politicians continue to amaze and perhaps embarrass many of today’s sportspeople with this decidedly blinkered and perhaps more than a little jaundiced stance in respect of West Indies Cricket.

This Columnist remains insistent that the approach of the politicians is woefully out of sync with contemporary trends and certainly reflective of an era when they were children and listened to coverage of the sport by radio.

West Indies’ uncertainties

WICB-02The triangular series involving Australia, South Africa and the West Indies has once more brought into focus the several issues confronting the game in the region.

The glorious uncertainties of the sport of cricket ought not to have involved the kind of issues that continue to plague the West Indies cricket team and the sport in general in this part of the world.