This serves as the official policy for the Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines (hereinafter referred to as Team Athletics SVG). It establishes general principles that are applicable to selection to all national representative teams – Track and Field, Road Racing and Cross Country.

Volleyball enjoys NOC’s Grassroots Talent ID

Participants at the Level 1 Coaching Program

The importance of Volleyball in the Community is most significance in order for the establishment of clubs and teams; henceforth-key rural areas that once had the sport of volleyball played there were targeted. It was decided that 3-week programmes would be used to introduce and identify potential players of the sport and also ignite the drive for the community to continue playing after the cycle for the programme has been completed. 

Mclean still hopes for Mr Olympia

Mclean still hopes for Mr Olympia


St Vincent and the Grenadines own USA-based professional bodybuilder, Kert McLean, has an undying ambition to contest the Mr Olympia competition which he regards as the one contest that showcases the very best in the world.


2006 1st Division Champs, Rising Stars
Rising Stars of Paget Farm have recorded their first-ever victory in the top division, as the Eighth Annual Bequia Basketball Tournament came to an exciting conclusion this past weekend at the Clive Tannis hard court!
Warriaz and Hornets were the champs in the Second and Under 16 divisions, both of those competitions going to a deciding game 3, defeating Rising Stars II and Young Wizards respectively.