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Daily results and draws for this year’s SVGTA National Junior Easter Tennis Tournament.

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Easter Junior Tennis Tournament 2010 U10 Results


Qualified for Main Draw:

U10 Girls

1. Gabrielle Benn

2. Zoe Porter

3. Shania McKenzie

4. Chelsea Cordice

5. Armalia Benn

6. Beyonce Winter


Qualified Main Draw

U10 Boys

1. Samuel Savvy

2. Malcolm Winter

3. Miguel Francis

4. Patrick Williams

5. Keshawn Butcher

6. Khamisi Bascombe


U10 Girls Consolation

Final results

1. Nikalette Hadaway

2. Keitheisha Campell

3. Justine Richardson


Consolation U10 Boys

Final Results

1. Jordan Hamlet

2. Dominic Horne

3. Zodante Onike

4. Shaz Cyrus

5. Sai Tadepalli

6. Zachary Browne

7. Nasiyo Providence

8. Khfan Ashton

9. Carlos Edwards


Memorable matches:

Shaz Cyrus 27 -25 ( from 10-10 to 2 points difference!)

Zachary Browne 14 -12


Main Draw will be played Tuesday 16:00hr.


Second U10 Tournament Will Start Wednesday March 31st, 09:00HRS

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