Bring on the Cuban coaches

The expenditures on the four fields – Arnos Vale # 1 and # 2, Sion Hill and Stubbs – for the Cricket World Cup reflect perhaps more than anything else the extent to which the current administration is out of touch with reality. To this day the hollowness of the explanations offered by the leadership of the country is matched only by those offered by the Local Organising Committee which has perhaps broken all records for being in existence so long after the conclusion of the event for which it was established.

This may well be the reason why, having taken office at the end of March 2001 the current administration, despite several forays in Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Taiwan, Malaysia and wherever else, has not yielded anything by way of assistance to the sport development process in this country. We have heard nothing since the initial monies garnered from Libya at a time when that country needed our support to aid in its break from the international political and economic isolation into which it had sunk.

The new talk of assistance from Cuba, almost eight years on may still be perceived as welcome news by the respective sporting organisations identified.

Interestingly, the talk of Cuban coaches coming to St Vincent and the Grenadines has surfaced at a time when the former Minister of Education, Youth and Sport, Mike Browne, has been given the sport portfolio once more; an action for which the government does not appear to believe an explanation is necessary. After all, the Prime Minister appoints and disappoints. The Constitution gives him that right.

Those involved in sport may recall that first there was Mike Browne. Then there was Mike and Burgin. Then we were told that while they were sharing the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the latter component was assigned to Burgin. Then suddenly we had both Ministers reassigned and the mantle of managing the portfolio was given to young, Glen Beache. Now Beache has been sidelined and the mantra has once more been placed in the hands of the very Browne who had been earlier removed. Such is the commitment of the government to the development of sport.