Bring on the Cuban coaches

As always, however, national sports associations have had to become involved in the process of identifying the coaches being requested, crafting the development orientation of the programme with which the coaches must work and evaluating thief competencies and performances on the ground. There have been instances where coaches have been found wanting and replacements requested; but this is as it should be.

Cuba, however, must be commended for its commitment to sport and the world has come to acknowledge the important role that sporting success has played in ensuring that the Caribbean nation is not completely isolated in the international arena. The country must be commended for its sport internationalism.

Our situation

The Vincentian boxing fraternity has been asked to approach the government in respect of accessing Cuban boxing coaches in order to facilitate the development of the sport here. The current leadership of the boxing association remain hopeful that we can now move beyond mere talk to the reality of Cuban coaches living and working here.

The requirements for boxing can be harnessed and over the past several years the organisation has received tremendous assistance from the National Olympic Committee even as the government seemed to turn the other way. To be fair, during the period that Jeremiah Scott served as Minister of Sport, several attempts were made to lift the sport to national acclaim. The current leadership of boxing have shown commitment and great resolve that would certainly be a fitting forum within which the Cuban coaches could work and engender excellence.

In the case of volleyball the recent resurgence of interest in the sport that climaxed in the official National Championships that began on Sunday last have given us all hope that the future of the sport could be most exciting with the introduction of the Cuban coaches. Volleyball does not have an abundance of facilities. There is not a single acceptable volleyball facility in St Vincent and the Grenadines. We do not possess any Indoor Volleyball facility. It would probably shock some Vincentians to know that volleyball is played in two major formats. One is indoor volleyball. Th
is variety of the game is what our players currently play on the same hard outdoor surfaces that our netballers and basketballers use for their respective disciplines. Mind you, these two latter sports are also now indoor sports. Unfortunately here at home we seem not to understand that.