CAC Games 2006

The CACSO, the custodian of the CAC Games, found itself literally pulling hairs out of its head in a quandary over the provision of the requisite infrastructure in a timely manner.
The economic strain realised by an attempt to construct several major sports complexes at the same time as well as two new Games Villages meant that resources were stretched thin.
At one time, the CACSO turned to the President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, to ensure that the resources were provided in adequate supplies to satisfy the organisation.
President Uribe paid an unannounced visit to Cartagena, toured all of the venues under construction and left a very clear message personally and later via the media. He and his Government were committed to the Games and the facilities would be completed in time for the Games.
Of course, speaking is one thing, getting the job done is another.
President Uribe provided the resources and the facilities were completed for the most part.
In several cases the finishing touches were being added even as the teams turned up to practise.
In the case of athletics, the competition area was still under the control of the construction company a few days before the start of competition. The athletes who arrived early to prepare themselves found that there were no equipment available for several days and that the use of the training facility was limited.
In some instances, the work will be completed after the Games are over.
Importantly, however, was the fact that facilities were ready enough to host the respective competitions all of which were of a very high standard with many athletes achieving new national and Games records and personal bests.
The facilities were designed and built for the most part by Colombians, most of whom were from Cartagena. The construction work afforded many people from Cartagena employment opportunities over an extended period, a boost for the city’s economy.

The Personnel
Hosting a major sporting event requires a large umber of people serving in different capacities. There are people who will be paid staff and there are others who will be an established volunteer corps.
The organising committee has a major responsibility in getting the two groupings to work well together in the best interest of the Games.