CAC Games 2006

Weeks before the commencement of the Games there were announcements about where to get tickets. In each case care was taken to provide to the public the number of tickets consistent with the capacity of the respective venue.
Whenever there were more people outside anxious to get into an arena, the organisers allowed entry only after others left the competition. This meant that there were occasions where people were standing outside to gain entry even as the event was in its final minutes.
In every instance the people of Cartagena were keenly involved. As is the case with the rest of Colombia, the people of Cartagena are avid sports fans. After all, the Formula 1 driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, is from Cartagena.
The people who gained entry to each sporting event came to enjoy sport. They supported the achievements of all participants and did not show the bias that so often stifles opposing teams before a partisan home crowd. Outstanding performances were greeted with loud cheers. Every effort of participating athletes in whatever sport was appreciated.
Every sports arena during the Games was transformed by the heady involvement of the people.
Entire families attended sports together, becoming fully engrossed.
While many from Cartagena were witnessing some events live for the very first time they immediately became fully engrossed in the action and supported every participant.
The atmosphere at every sporting venue during the Games was an experience in itself.

The Legacy
The Games are now over and the dust has more than settled.
Cartagena will gradually return to normalcy in a few weeks. The legacy of the Games however will stay on forever.
The people of Cartagena now have a rich legacy of sporting facilities of the very highest standard.
Cartageneros can now aspire to greater involvement in a wide variety of sporting disciplines and can do so with a high level of confidence.