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September 28, 2009


Dear Colleagues,


The CANOC Executive Board recently met in Tortola, British Virgin Islands and I take pleasure in updating  you on the following:-


Caribbean Games

The postponement or cancellation of this year’s Caribbean Games was a devastating blow to CANOC. Your board immediately started to explore when, where and how the inaugural games could be made a reality. A special Commission was appointed to draft a bid document for presentation not only to the NOC and Government of Trinidad and Tobago but to other NCOs and their Governments as well.  During our discussions with the Minister of Sport for Trinidad and Tobago, at the time of the postponement of the Games, the minister did indicate that he would be receptive to receiving overtures with respect to hosting the Games at another time.    The Minister also indicated that as additional facilities, inclusive of those for aquatics, were being constructed, it was possible that the Games could be of a larger. 


The Executive Board is looking at a tentative date in the spring of 2011 for these.  It is felt that a Caribbean Games in early 2011 could be used by National Olympic Committees as a qualifying vehicle for the Pan American Games along with giving scope for multi games competition for athletes who do not qualify for either Commonwealth in 2010 or Pan American Games in 2011.


Education and Training


A Commission comprising the following has been appointed under this head. The commission comprises:


Angel Morales – Chairman – USVI

Keith Joseph – St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Don Anderson – Jamaica

David Farmer – Barbados


It should be noted that all of the training programmes provided by CANOC are currently funded by Canada through the CGC. Indeed without Canadian funding CANOC would not have been a reality. Also using the CSDP vehicle Canadian money has assisted in the realization of not only the CCCP but allowed a number regional NOCs including Barbados to introduce unique projects like “Project Strong” and the CHLP initiative. Indeed, over the years, through the Commonwealth Sport Development Programme and others, Canada has been a staunch supporter of the regional Olympic Movement.  Funding for these schemes have now come to an end and the Commission’s mandate is to asses the needs of regional NOCs and CGAs and develop programmes to address deficiencies. Funding will be sought through traditional sources like Canada and Olympic Solidarity but also other agencies will be approached.  Negotiations and discussions are currently proceeding with Commonwealth Games Canada, towards building new innovative activities for young males with the hope of Canadian funding. 



The Commission will also work with NCOs that have active Olympic Academies with a view to having other NCOs participate in their syllabuses.  The CANOC Executive Board is concerned that many regional National Olympic Committees do not take full advantage of the various Olympic Solidarity and PASO funding programmes that are available.  In this regard, we are actively exploring how to better assist our Members in facilitating these grants, perhaps not only for the benefit of the specific NOC but for the entire region. Again NOCs with Olympic Academies will be asked to play a role.


Annual General Assembly

This meeting is scheduled for Port-of-Spain, Trinidad on Saturday, December 5th, 2
009.  We are asking all countries to make a special effort to attend.  It is our hope that we will be able to announce a number of initiatives at this Assembly, including matters pertaining to training mentioned above and also confirm plans with respect to the Caribbean Games.  We are asking all countries to make a special effort to attend as this meeting could determine the long term viability and sustainability of the organization. As part of these proceedings we will take time out to honour regional sports administrators who have made a contribution to Olympic Sport and to a unified sporting Caribbean. Persons who contributed to the “postponed” Caribbean games will also be recognized.


PASO Congress – November, 2009

The dates for this Congress are November 3rd to 6th and there has been some conjecture that the venue will be changed from Guadalajara to either Mexico City or Acapulco but there has been not final directive on this.   An agenda has not been received for this important Congress, at which the venue for the 2015 Pan American Games will be decided.  We are hoping to hold a short CANOC Meeting prior to the commencement of the proceedings.


Subsciption Fees

Member countries are asked to make a special effort to pay subscription fees. These are the life blood of CANOC and your help and cooperation is needed.


Pre-Olympic Training Sites – London, 2012

We are suggesting that countries that have not yet made a choice for their 2012 training venue in the U.K. do so as soon as possible.  It is suggested that delegates returning from either the Copenhagen Congress or the CGF Assembly, spend a day or two in the UK actively exploring training venues.  Two venues have asked me to provide you with their coordinates. Here they are –


T:   07736 424200




Adrienne Sunderland | Partnership Manager | sport Scotland

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Steve R Stoute