Caribbean Games 2009 – One-year countdown

The Technical Commission has also completed the competition schedules for all of the sports.
Athletics: 17 – 19 July
Boxing: 14 – 18 July
Netball: 13 – 19 July
Tennis: 13 – 19 July
Beach Volleyball: 14 – 17 July
Indoor Volleyball: 14 – 19 July
By the end of August all of the requisite Forms would be sent to all NOCs of the participating countries which number 26 in all.
The Technical Delegates for the respective sports on the Games programme have been named with the sole exception of Tennis.
Training and competition venues have all been identified and the requisite infrastructural works identified and forwarded to the relevant personnel for appropriate action.

Caribbean Games Village
The UWI St Augustine Campus has been identified as the Caribbean Games Village (CGV) and will be prepared during Games time as is the norm at international multi-sport events.
The new Hall of residence being constructed on St John’s Road, St Augustine, would be one of two Halls made available for accommodating participating delegations. The other is Milner Hall.
A Caribbean Games Village will also be developed in Tobago given that Tennis will be held exclusively on the sister isle.
It is the norm for the Village to also facilitate regular entertainment for the resident delegations. A Polyclinic will be established and arrangements would be made for persons wishing to visit friends and family residing in the Village during Games time.