Caribbean Games 2009 – One-year countdown

The website is so designed as to facilitate the application by potential volunteers and it is highly interactive. There are provisions for real time results of the various competitions during Games time, 13 – 19 July 2009.
Also featured on the website is the Monthly Bulletin produced by the Secretariat disseminating pertinent information on the preparatory exercises engaged in by the various departments.

With 354 days left before the Opening Ceremony for the Caribbean Games 2009 there are many challenges confronting the OCCG and certainly the CANOC and Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC).
One of the major challenges facing the OCCG would be garnering responses from Caribbean NOCs in a timely manner. Ours is a region that seems to thrive on tardiness and every effort must be made to ensure that this phenomenon does not plague the preparatory exercise.
Another challenge involves getting the very best Caribbean athletes to attend and compete at their best. The governments and the national sports associations would have to collaborate to ensure that this challenge is overcome. Many governments provide financial and other support to their top athletes and should therefore be able to leverage their participation. National associations can add the Caribbean Games to the list of compulsory events in which their athletes must participate if they are to be considered for major international events in which they participate under sanction.
The Caribbean Games are ours and as Caribbean people we must do our very best to showcase all that distinguishes us as a people. The Games must reflect the Caribbean’s aspirations as much as it showcases our immense talent.
This is our time to show the world all of which we are capable. We must do so with pride and with remarkable flair.