Caribbean Games on regional agenda

The Caribbean Games shall take place every four (4) years in the year immediately following the Games of the Olympiad and shall last for a period not in excess of five (5) days, inclusive of the opening and closing ceremonies.
There will be a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of seven (7) sports in the official programme of the Games.
Aquatics, Boxing, Track and Field and Netball are the core sports. This means that they must be included in each edition of the Caribbean Games.
The host country may stage any other sport up to a maximum of three (3), inclusive of team sports.
Only athletes, coaches, managers of affiliates of the CANOC, as approved by that organization, can participate in the Caribbean Games. Participants must comply with what is stated in the Olympic Charter and its application.
Any NOC, which is an affiliate of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC), can apply to host the Caribbean Games.  However, given the historical development of the Caribbean Games concept, the first edition shall allow participation from the existing CARIFTA countries. The CANOC would determine which of the requesting NOCs should be allocated the Games.
The organization of the Games shall not be given to an NOC unless the latter produces a document, which indicates governmental support in writing for the hosting of the event. This is necessary given the fact that the sheer magnitude and cost of hosting the Games means that no member of CANOC would be able to host them without the full support of the respective government of the host country.
The CANOC and the NOC that wins the right to host the Games must enter into a written agreement, which details the obligations for the host NOC. The latter organisation must then designate an Organizing Committee for the Caribbean Games (OCCG), taking into account the various local factors necessary for their success.
The OCCG is therefore the Executive Organization, nominated by the host NOC, whose responsibility it would be to ensure that the Games are properly planned and executed. It functions by virtue of the power delegated to it by the host NOC and CANOC.  The OCCG must therefore have legal status and personality.
The NOC is responsible ultimately to CANOC for the organization of the Games and the fulfillment of all the legal and regulatory arrangements and economies concerning the Games. The host NOC must therefore have representation on the Executive Body of the OCCG and shall serve in an oversight capacity as well.   The designation of the OCCG shall be made and communicated to the Executive Committee of CANOC, within 90 days following the date of adjudication of the Headquarters.