Caribbean Games on regional agenda

The OCCG shall have the following powers and duties:
1. Organize all matters related to the staging of the Games in keeping with the programme approved by the CANOC, acting in harmony and consultation with the host NOC and its National Federations.
2. Fulfil the financial demands established by the General Regulations of the Games.
3. Programme and submit for approval of the Executive Committee of CANOC, the ceremonies associated with the Games – opening ceremony, awards ceremonies and the closing ceremony.
4. Inform the Executive Committee of CANOC of all that is related to the Games and respect their indications and resolutions.
5. Provide the facilities for each sport as approved by the International Federations (IF) through their regional bodies and CANOC, after prior approval of the Executive Committee, 60 days before the opening of the Games.
6. Submit for the approval of the Executive Committee the housing facilities for the athletes, delegates and technicians, of the Games Village, a year before the Games.
7. Ensure that all competitors are housed in the Games Village. This facility must open and be available for use by participants at least five days before the beginning of the Games and three days after the closing.
8. Consider the options of the National Federations on the technical aspects of the Games, according to the technical by-laws of the International Sports Federations and those of CANOC, and facilitate the technical meetings and congresses.
9. Facilitate local transportation to the participating delegations from the day the Games Village is officially opened until it closes.
10. Provide housing and food for not more than five members of the Organizing Committee of the next Games.
11. Provide and facilitate the duly accredited representatives with all means of communication necessary for the reasonable fulfillment of their functions.