Caribbean Games on regional agenda

In exceptional cases, if for technical reasons the additional presence of one or more International representatives is necessary the OCCG shall make such arrangements and this should be given to the Executive Committee of the CANOC.  The Executive Committee, in the event of discrepancy among the OCCG and the International Federations and/or the CANOC, shall decide on the particulars.
1. The Executive Technical personnel necessary (umpires, judges, time keepers, inspectors etc.) shall be designated according to the OCCG in fulfillment of the rules of the International Federation and the CANOC representative.
2. To maintain the expenses of the OCCG at a reasonable minimum, the Technical Executive and International Federation appointees by the International Federation and CANOC (who must be technicality suitable with the rules of the competitions according to the international rules), will have to be persons who reside in the host country of the Games, in the Caribbean, or in neighbouring countries.


Problems not anticipated by the Regulations governing the Games will be resolved by the OCCG who shall immediately report its resolutions to the Executive Committee of CANOC.  From the moment the Executive Committee is gathered in the Headquarters for and concerning the Games, the supreme authority will be the Executive Committee, which will maintain contact with the Organizing Committee.
Of course, the Regulations of the Caribbean Games must be in conformity with the most current edition of the Olympic Charter of the International Olympic Movement.

There are many in the Caribbean today who would relish the thought of seeing their own regional athletes in competition together. It is the hope of all of us that this would be realised sooner rather than later.
Let us keep our eyes on the ball and perhaps, this may eventually lead to greater regionalism in our collective best interest.