For the most part throughout the region host countries appointed Local Organising Committees, LOC’s, that were essentially political. The emphasis was not always first on sports organisation management competencies or even on technical competencies. The initial thinking appears to have been given over to political affiliation and a readiness to fulfill the political requirements of the Government in the respective countries. This may well have been the reason why in so many countries there were undue delays and confusion as the politics often took precedence over and above everything else.
The LOCs were dancing to too many political tunes and not too much to the requirements of the International Cricket Council, ICC.

CARICOM Committee on Cricket
The decision of the ICC to take control of the LOC in Guyana a mere few days before the commencement of the Super Eights in that country must stand as an international embarrassment, not just for the Government and people of Guyana, but for all of CARICOM. It reflects the incompetence at the very highest level of CARICOM.
When the CARICOM Heads agreed to appoint a CARICOM Committee on Cricket they failed to appreciate the folly of their actions. Steeped as many of them are in an understanding of cricket in a bygone era they all rested their hopes on the resurgence of a game over which they have no control and the fortunes of which are in the hands of people whose incompetence have been proven several times over.
Reference here is not being made solely to the leadership of the WICB but to the team, the management and players as well as the Players Association representing the members of the team.
The Players Association, for example, has not been known to negotiate for the players to spend more time focusing on their game. The organisation has been far more concerned about negotiating for better remuneration packages rather than ensuring that they see themselves as partners in a broader cause, that of taking the game of cricket in the region to ever higher levels.
To date the Players Association appears not to have addressed adequately, if at all, the lamentable state of the game from the players’ perspective. They are the ones in the centre of the playing arena, holding in their hands the aspirations of the peoples of the region and they seem not to appreciate this fact.