Carifta Games and the Jamaican dominance

The introduction of physical education and sport programmes in the educational programmes of the different Caribbean countries constitute mere first steps in the right direction. This is the beginning of the process and extremely important along the way to fundamental change in the attitudes of parents and teachers.
The introduction of Technical Directors of Athletics in the different countries of the Caribbean, the shift towards accessing funds for the payment of coaches are critical if we are to produce more athletes of a consistently improving level.
The introduction of grassroots development programmes nation-wide in each of the countries constitutes the basis for ensuring larger numbers among participants and a larger pool from which to identify the most talented in the sport of athletics.
There must also be regular age-related training programmes so that athletes are not pushed to limits before their physical maturation allows for it.
Regular competition, fun-filled for the very young and becoming more specific as the athletes grow towards maturity would facilitate the honing of appropriate skills and ultimately athletic success in the sport.
There is no magic wand that can be waived and the successful athlete emerge.
The history of athletics has shown remarkably few child prodigies in this highly competitive sport of athletics who have retained their prowess through to attain world senior championships and Olympic gold medals.
There has to be the long haul towards success.