Carifta looms large for young Caribbean stars

The Carifta Games is a showcase of the region’s young athletics talent. It is a mind-blowing experience of athletics excitement. For young athletes the experience is like no other.

The Legacy
The Carifta Games has a very rich legacy in the Caribbean.
There are several outstanding athletes who have gotten their first taste of regional stardom at the Carifta Games.
Jamaica’s Usain Bolt shattered the world 200m Junior record while winning the finals of that event at the Carifta Games in Hamilton, Bermuda, in 2004. That crowned performances at earlier editions of the Carifta Games where athletes came close to equaling World Junior records. Trinidad and Tobago’s Darryl Browne ran a very exciting 100m some years ago at the Carifta Games to draw very close to the World Junior record for the event.
Over the years the Carifta Games has seen the likes of Merlene Ottey, Obadele Thompson, Grace Jackson, Juliet Cuthbert, Pauline Davis and her entire Golden Girls team from the Bahamas and Christine Aaron, to name a few of those athletes whose first taste of international athletics stardom began with the Carifta Games. They all went on to become major international track and field superstars.
Carifta Games has attained such a respectable stature that top coaches from US Colleges come to witness the performances and scout the more talented for athletics scholarships to the US.
While some Caribbean countries had already established themselves in athletics at a global level, it was the Carifta Games that brought several others to prominence among the athletics fraternity.
Many Caribbean countries have secured world-class track and field facilities by virtue of bidding for and hosting Carifta Games. This was the case with the Cayman Islands, Grenada, Bermuda and the Turks and Caicos. It is the same situation with St Kitts/Nevis as that country prepares to host the 37th Carifta Games in 2008.