Celebrating Calvert Woods

Calvert was not only successful in the MEMOS but left an indelible impression on the professors, fellow participants and the personnel of Olympic Solidarity (the development arm of the IOC) associated with the programme. Having succeeded in the MEMOS, Calvert did not hesitate in bringing his newly acquired knowledge and skills to bear on his involvement in sport.
Calvert’s thesis for the MEMOS addressed the critical challenges associated with developing athletics in St Vincent and the Grenadines from the grassroots through to the elite level.
Once the MEMOS was completed Calvert hastened to utilise the findings of his thesis to impact the development of Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines. He coordinated the organisation’s SWOT analysis and the Strategic Plan that emerged from it.
He also developed Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines’ Marketing Plan which became the critical component of the organisation’s new thrust in sports development in the nation.

Like so many people the world over Calvert’s involvement in sports in St Vincent and the Grenadines was not an easy road to travel. There were many who found him too brash for their liking with little time for finesse.
Straight talking, Cal
vert never flinched from expressing his views on matters regardless of however critical and/or controversial they were.
He was often given to raising his voice, speaking forthrightly in defence of his case. At times he shouted his case. His arguments were many. However it would extremely difficult to find anyone with whom he had engaged in heated discourse eager to declare that there was malice in Calvert Woods.
Calvert Woods knew no malice. It was his way.
The argument completed the matter was laid to rest.
He may not have changed his stance but he allowed the matter to rest, even if at times it meant suffering in silence.