Celebrating Olympism

The Olympic Games remains an outstanding symbol of what is possible when people cast aside their myopia and display a healthy respect and regard for each other, understanding each other’s uniqueness and sharing each other’s friendship and camaraderie.
The Olympic Games reflect a global harmony that the politicians of the world are yet to understand and appreciate enough to make a difference in their modus operandi.

International Olympic Day
The IOC has, over the past few years, spent much effort in ensuring that the entire sporting world comes together to celebrate International Olympic Day.
It is a day that calls on all involved in sport to remember the fundamentals of what is called, Olympism.
The IOC describes Olympism as more than a mere idea. It is a set of ideals and values by which we are called upon to live on a daily basis regardless of colour, ethnicity, gender or religion.
Each year the affiliates of the IOC, the National Olympic Committees (NOC) round the world, engage in a series of activities surrounding the celebration of International Olympic Day.
On the Sunday closest to the International Olympic Day NOCs are expected to hold an Olympic Day Run bringing together the entire sporting community of the respective countries.
Here in St Vincent and the Grenadines it is common to have an Olympic Week of celebrations that begin with a Church Service (unfortunately not well attended by affiliates), the airing of the Olympic Day Message of the IOC President, a visit to the Children’s ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, an Indoor Games Evening, and on the Sunday, a Fun Sports Session involving affiliates and which begins at 12.20pm (this year at the Grammar School Playing Fi
eld), with the Olympic Day Run commencing at around 3.30pm.
This year the National Olympic Academy will host a Session for the Junior Olympians (children aged 8 – 15 years) at the Richmond Vale Academy (23-25 June) with the participants joining the others at the Grammar School Playing Field in time to be part of the Fun Session there.