Challenges for Sports in 2006

National Sports Council (NSC)
The second most important challenge facing sporting organizations in St Vincent and the Grenadines follows directly from the first. It has to do with the National Sports Council, an organization that remains essentially a National Cricket Council without the official designation.
The NSC remains a distant organization in so far as sports associations here are concerned.
The Act governing the NSC is badly in need of a comprehensive overhaul. It is archaic and does nothing for the advancement of sports in the state.
The NSC is, for example, still at the stage where it oversees the cutting of grass at the various playing fields across the country from Arnos Vale. It remains common to see the workers loading up a pick-up to take themselves and lawn mowers to the different parts of the country to cut grass. This is archaic.
For all of its many years in existence, now several decades, the NSC remains something of a decadent relic.
The NSC has proved itself totally incompetent in respect of the fulfillment of its mandate and seems unable to extricate itself from the quagmire into which it has cornered itself.
There is still no Area Sports Committees (ASC) to take responsibility for the management of facilities in the various parts of the nation.
The NSC essentially prepares fields without necessarily having any real say in where new ones are to be located. The so-called Playing Field at Calvary is a case in point. The political opportunity cost seemed to have necessitated the creation of such a monstrosity and colossal waste of valuable and scarce resources.
There are times when elections are coming around that one cannot differentiate between the political agenda and that of the NSC, a most unfortunate phenomenon.
The NSC failed to adequately prepare for the removal of four playing fields from under its ambit for the Cricket World Cup 2007 such that no alternative fields have been developed while these are taken away. The result is that several sporting organizations would be strapped fro facilities during the period leading up to and during the World Cup warm up matches here. The personnel at the NSC seem unaware of what is required in respect of analyzing the sporting developmental needs of this country enough to facilitate the emergence of a number of recommendations for that process and so influence the reformulation of the Act and of the organization itself to better service the people of this country.