Challenges for Sports in 2006

For 2006 therefore, unless there is some radical revision of the NSC and its mandate sporting organizations can expect more of the same in respect of the lack of direction from the NSC.
The NSC is essentially a moribund and woefully deficient organization.

Sports Facilities
Sports facilities in this country constitute another major challenge.
Cricket, Tennis, Squash and netball appear well served with facilities. Of these only Netball has created its own home. The others are at the behest of the government.
The developments that are currently in train for cricket, one hopes, would suffice for the future development for the sport in the state.
It also appears though that the grasses being proposed for the new cricket facilities are such that it may well not be possible for these facilities to be used by athletics for competitions in the future. The heavy sand base would constitute more a form of resistance training than anything else.
The state of many of our outdoor playing facilities remains unacceptable for the most part. This is all the more dreadful when one understands that for 2006 there can be no National Inter Secondary Schools Track and Field Final as we have historically grown accustomed to having. There is no facility to accommodate same. So much for planning.
The arrangements for the hosting of the various schools’ athletics meets, the national athletics activities and the arrangements for cricket and football competitions, all needing the same, now scarce venues, are yet to be worked out. What is clear is that mayhem is inevitable.
Cycling suffers from inadequate attention being paid to the sport by the political authorities who do not understand the requirements of the sport and the way in which traffic regulations are used to facilitate its development in other parts of the world.
Table Tennis and Boxing have been assured of space within the old Government Printery building for training purposes. This would serve for a start that is important to these two sporting disciplines. However, it must be mentioned here that these sports need better facilities if they are to adequately service their own respective developments.