Challenges for Sports in 2006

Taekwondo and karate are also in need of facilities which they could share.
The problem here is that there seems no one other than the politicians to whom one can turn to have some of these challenges appropriately faced and even then, progress seems all too attached to one’s perceived political coloration and the extent to which one is deemed too critical of the ruling regime.

The National Lotteries Authority (NLA)
The National Lotteries Authority remains somethi
ng of a political football with no likelihood of change anywhere in the near future.
It now seems impossible to distinguish between the various causes espoused by the NLA. Political causes seem to take precedence over and above every other cause.
The seemingly politically commandist style of management of the resources of the NLA by the Minister of Finance may well be the key determinant of what happens with those resources and impact directly the development needs of the various national sporting associations.
The challenge for 2006 is whether the political directorate would permit the sports development process among the non-government sector of national sports associations to somehow influence the way the resources of the NLA are allocated.
The saddling of the NLA with political party hacks as so often happens at the level of the NSC continues to stymie any real chance of genuine national sports development. The Board members seem only too anxious to overlook genuine development for implementation of the party line and in the process hinder the advancement of the talented youths in the nation even as the government boasts of its love for the nation’s young people.
The continued shifting of the goal posts in respect of the modus operandi of the NSC leaves much to be desired and compels national sporting bodies to struggle more than should otherwise be the case in order to meet their mandate to service the youths of this nation in the sporting arena.

National development is not the exclusive of a particular political party and in 2006 one would expect that this truism becomes more readily understood and change be effected for the betterment of Vincentians.
There is every reason for us all to work together for the betterment of St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Sport has been seen as facilitating the loftiest values of mankind – cooperation, camaraderie, fair play, sharing and caring. It strives to avoid the negatives of violence and discrimination of any sort.
Here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, our small size as a nation should ideally facilitate greater cooperation in the broad-based development process. Sport is merely one component of this national development process but no less important.
We can confront the aforementioned challenges with resolve and emerge a better nation for having done so.
Let the process begin.