Cheating grows in sport

Jones has joined the growing list of athletes who have shamed sport by seeking to win at all costs.
There are those who seem to think that Jones' admission has only come out because she is facing major charges of lying to the Grand Jury in the USA on the matter of taking drugs and on another matter – a case of fraud involving her former boyfriend, Tim Montgomery, coach Steve Riddick, and some others. Critics believe that it is her fear of jail that has caused her to come forward with her admissions at this juncture.
Like so many others before her, Jones has brought shame to the sport, herself, her family, friends and her country.
She now joins the cyclists and weightlifters and several others who have admitted to doing whatever was required to give them a competitive edge and stand tall as champion of the world in the respective sporting disciplines.

More to Come
There are many in the world of sport who seem to think that Jones' revelation should only cause us to be far more circumspect about those who stand and boast of being able to break world records
whenever and wherever they please – a frightening proclamation.
While there is every reason to believe that with each passing day man seems to be bettering his scientific endeavours in almost every field of inquiry, there is little doubt that several coaches are prepared to utilise every means of gaining a competitive edge for the athletes in their charge.
It is more than a little instructive that Jones declared that the particular drugs she was using helped her to recover much quicker from her workouts and enabled her to carry heavier workloads during her training. This is something that we are finding more coaches seeking to do with their athletes. Here in the Caribbean we seem to have coaches who are prepared to go after drugs that carry a heavy creating component but which are not yet on the list of banned substances. Here too the intention appears to be to have the athletes engage in heavier workloads, develop more strength and recover quickly from the previous exercises and competitions.