Coaches must face up to the challenges

Technical Courses

Boxing and cycling were the beneficiaries of technical courses during the course of this year. Both courses were relatively successful.

Over the years the NOC has facilitated the training and certification of hundreds of coaches spending millions of dollars in the process. Unfortunately the organisation has been in receipt of complaints by its affiliates of the unwillingness of many of the trained coaches to come forward to assist the very sport that assisted them in accessing training.

Some affiliates have asked for the coaches to be bonded in some way.

The organisation of technical courses valued at US$8,000 each has allowed all of the affiliates of the NOC to engage interested persons in becoming coaches and access international certification. Some of these associations have had as many as three or four of these technical courses since the NOC began accessing them in 1988.

Some associations have also had the good fortune to access coaches for periods of up to six-months to aid in the establishment of a more systematic approach to the development of their technical operations in the interest of the furtherance of the sport.

Of concern is whether these have impacted the various sporting disciplines positively.

The affiliates of the NOC can lay no claim to any shortage of training opportunities for their coaches. Instead, they may complain about their own inability to so motivate the coaches to become more positively involved in the implementation of what they would have learnt from their training.