Coaches must face up to the challenges

Sports Information Centre

An important and innovative component of the NOC’s website is the Sports Information Centre, SIC.

The intention of the SIC is to ensure that the NOC facilitates the highest level of access to sports information from every part of the world.

Already the SIC on the website allows access to the Sports Library of the Malaysian Olympic Committee, the SIC of the Australian Olympic Committee and arrangements have recently been made to access the IOC’s prestigious Olympic Library and Museum.

Ultimately, the SIC will be a sports treasure trove in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

There is also a physical SIC located at Olympic House, the headquarters of the NOC at Kingstown Park. There are computers available to affiliates, students and teachers that allow for ongoing research into all aspects of sport. Here again the intention is to ensure that coaches and athletes in particular can access whatever information they need to bolster their participation in sport.

Coaches can now offer fewer excuses now for their own failure to do more to facilitate the development of their respective sporting discipliners in St Vincent and the Grenadines.