COD gives to food rations and medicines

Santo Domingo. – El Comité Olímpico Dominicano (COD) fulfilled east weekend a day of delivery of foods and medicines to victims of the earthquake that whipped Haiti Tuesday of the last week. The delivery of foods and medicines was headed by Luis Mejía and Antonio Acosta, president and Secretary General of the COD and made jointly with the Haitian Olympic Committee, in the seat of that organism.

“We knew that you they would be first in coming in aid from us”, Jean proclaimed Edward Baker, president of the Haitian Olympic Committee, that thanked for the presence of the Dominican leaders.

The COD took until the Haitian capital a container with thousands of rations that contain bottled water, milk, juice, apples, among other eatable products.   Mejía and Acosta also gave boxes with medicines that had been asked for by the Haitian Olympic leaders. 

Baker, who was accompanied of Alan Jean-Pierre, Secretary General of the Haitian Olympic organism, thanked for the presence of the Dominican Olympic leaders.

“You always have remembered to us and have been very shared in common with us and very we are been thankful them”, added Baker, somewhat compungido by the misfortune that has touched to the Haitian town as a result of the earthquake that destroyed the Haitian capital Port Prince.

Baker informed that the seat of the COH did not suffer greater damages and than still stays still on. The encounter was coordinated by Jean-Pierre, that was been in contact with the Dominican leaders through satelite communication.