Cricket challenges loom large

The Lara Arena
Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister, Patrick manning, may well be finding out that his is a very hot seat at the moment, both in the world of sport and the confines of national politics in Trinidad and Tobago.
The difficulties that now seem to surround the completion of the Lara arena at Tarouba, South Trinidad, bodes no good for the Prime Minister who has invested both financial and political capital in this mega undertaking.
Already the ICC appears to be looking at the possibility of switching to other venues in Trinidad and Tobago: the Cricket Centre at Balmain, Central Trinidad and UWI, St Augustine.
The problem here though is whether the same ICC that insisted on some very rigorous standards for the participating countries in the CWC 2007, including those hosting mere warm up matches, would relax the criteria for Trinidad and Tobago now that the crunch is on. Should this be the case then surely some countries would have all right to cry foul.
The uncertainty over the Lara venue in South Trinidad reflects the sort of madness that has been taking place throughout the region where the WICB has apparently been able to somehow get the Governments to venture extensive resources in a direction where the results offer no real guarantees to the primary funders.
One wonders whether all of the venues will be ready by the due time. It may well be that we will be ready but at what cost and at whose expense?
Never before in the history of this region have we had Governments so willingly devote such huge sums of money and other resources on a sporting venture that is not really their undertaking. They are not even partners to the WICB in the CWC 2007. They are mere donors of funds and other resources and little else.
Once more it remains amazing that the cost benefit analysis for the region of hosting the CWC2007 appears to be recognised only by its absence.

Team West Indies
The West Indi
es Cricket team is in the process of preparing for CWC2007. We are hopeful that we will all witness a significant change of fortunes by the time of the Cup in March of 2007.
Of much concern for some time has been the level at which the current crop of players operate.