Cricket funny business – the Patterson Report

The problem for us minions who are the duped followers of the sport in the region is why would the Executive Committee of the WICB adopt such a cruel stance knowing what would have happened once Singh gained the nod and was elected president of the organisation?

Then there is the matter of the WICB and the West Indies Players Association (WIPA). The latter organisation has won virtually every time it has engaged the WICB in some major issue for the benefit of the players. The most recent example related to the contractual obligations for the tour of England. Once more the WICB lost. Perhaps the most bothersome aspect to this is the fact that no heads are made to roll for the gross incompetence displayed by the leadership of the WICB.

The statements recently attributed to WICB President, Ken Gordon, obviously in a retirement mode, and which were intended for WIPA President, Dinanath Ramnarine – “Permit me to suggest that self analysis of your own style is long overdue. I have urged you on more than one occasion to do so…” – is perhaps reflected of the depths to which what passes for leadership in the WICB has sunk.

Is the WICB all about games and that no one within its ambit is exempt from its cruel machinations? The answer may well be a very simple, yes.

Enter PJ and Co.

The WICB has just been host to what many have described as one of the worst editions of the Cricket World Cup ever. The object of some very harsh criticism from almost every quarter except from within its own hallowed halls the WICB quickly followed a familiar path – establish a Committee to investigate the World Cup, appoint outstanding personalities, whatever their understanding of the game, and allow things to die a natural death. Here entered PJ Patterson and Company.